Ramón Lazzaroni is a singer, flautist and a talented multi-instrumentalist, an established vocal and instrumental coach and a choir conductor.

Learn more about his current and future projects and get in touch via this website or Facebook.


Ramón is a versatile vocalist, feeling at home in

many genres including Pop, Jazz, Soul and classical music. He's a baritone with a wide vocal range and

he loves to explore his voice and it's capabilities.

Ramón is currently playing upright and electric bass, flutes, synthesizers and is singing in the formation Evantgarde and is also working on Schubert's Winterreise with the pianist Vera Langer.

He also conducts 4 choirs.


Ramón is an exceptionally versatile flautist. He plays

concert flutes from piccolo to contrabass flute and is very comfortable when playing other flute instruments from all over the world including flutes from Asia, Africa, India or South America.

While vocals and flute are Ramón's main instruments, he also plays a variety of other instruments like piano, cello, double bass, electric bass, chinese zither and the bassoon.