the conductor

I have been conducting and coaching ensembles and choirs for over two decades now and am happy to say that it has been and still is a great joy. Being a singer myself, I work on sound, expression, intonation and vocal technique. 

I was introduced to Indian classical music at a very young age and its system of 22 notes within the octave resulted in a refined understanding of intonation. The rhythmic patterns used in Indian music resulted in my attention to detail when it comes to rhythm and groove.  

I have also learned a lot from working with Martin Carbow, a man who has been inspiring the German vocal music scene with his work and his emphasis on groove and soul in choir music. 

meet my choirs

BAAST! was founded in 2013 with me as their designated MD and arranger. 

This ambitious choir performs a cappella arrangements written by me exclusively. Pop music that you may not have heard yet, including songs by Björk, Jamie Woon, Tori Amos, Jimi Hendrix, Melody Gardot and music from Hamburg singers Mimi Schell and San Glaser. 

They don’t shy away from close harmony or difficult rhythms and you will hear and see their joy while performing it.

Also conducted by me since 2013, Chorage is a choir that loves to sing music from the 1970’s to now and has great fun doing so.

They sing with and without piano accompaniment and also sing arrangements written by me.

Music by Keane, John Farnham and Joni Mitchell are some of the recent additions to their repertoire.

The fun they have while singing is contagious!

Ambitious, eclectic, versatile. This choir, conducted by me since 2017, sings music from all ages and enjoys the privilege of having their very own pianist. 

Their stage presence and dynamic range guarantees for a great concert experience, both for the audience and the choir’s singers. 

Pop, Soul, Jazz and even modern classical music is a natural part of their repertoire.

photo by Jens Schierenbeck

With a great stage presence, an astounding dynamic range and the musicality to bring tears to your eyes, this choir, co-led by Vera Langer and me, is sure to hit all of your sweet spots!

HOME received a special award for “the most touching performance” during the choir competition at 2020’s edition of the German choir festival.