the work

these are some of the projects that I’m currently working on 


Evantgarde is an eclectic band formation, featuring Eva Engelbach on vocals and keys, Jakob Perko on guitars, Stefan Wiegand on drums and percussion and myself on vocals, bass, flutes (including contrabass flute) and synthesizer (Korg MS-20). 

Our debut album, which I also co-produced was released in 2019. 

For booking, contact us here.

photo by Arnd Geise

Duo Evantgarde

Duo Evantgarde

Duo Evantgarde is a distilled and very different version of Evantgarde, featuring Eva Engelbach on vocals, keys and accordion and myself on vocals, bass, flutes (from piccolo to contrabass), percussion and loop station. 

Perfect for smaller, more intimate events and smaller venues. 

We are telling stories of life and love, of falling and flying.

For booking, contact us here


photo by Arnd Geise

Khaki Naive

An electro-acoustic duo, consisting of vocalist and writer Stella Tsianios and myself. 

15 years in the making, our album of self-written and produced songs is still waiting for our final touch and for its release. 

Driving beats, dreamy soundscapes and solos and textures from great guest musicians fuse into an imaginative experience of sound and poetry. 

Find four of our songs on my media page

Stella & Stella

Music about and from the resistance. Some of this music is from decades ago and couldn’t be more of a current topic than right now. Songs by Brecht & Weill, Theodorakis & Hadjidakis and others are being reborn, sometimes rejuvenated and definitely sound different when we play them.

Stella Tsianios – vocals

Stella Jürgensen – vocals, autoharp, ukulele

Andreas Hecht – guitars

Ramón Lazzaroni – piccolo, alto flute, contrabass flute, percussion 


Noah Land Original Soundtrack

alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute

San Glaser: Visions Of Daisies

alto flute, bass flute

Evantgarde: Bling Blang (Album)

vocals, electric bass, double bass, flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, Korg MS-20, percussion, production

elb HANG musik

flute, bass flute, double bass